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Marketing & Branding

Crafting & delivering an on-brand message for your company.

Having secured, implemented and grown distribution channels in northern Europe for some of the worlds’ best known action-sports, lifestyle-fashion and consumer electronics brands, Kalor can offer your start-up branding and marketing strategy consultancy to give your company the confidence and knowledge needed to grow.

Starting up is one of the most challenging, terrifying and rewarding endeavors life offers us. We know what it takes to grow and completely understand your motivation, passion and determination. That’s why we’re here for you – to assist you and your company reach your expectations. We’ve been on the bleeding edge of growth in competitive markets during some of the toughest economic times in modern history, our experience is real and we love to share.

The best strategies are simpler than you might think, but knowing what to implement, where and when to implement it, are some of the greatest challenges. We’ll guide you and get your business into a position that allows you to exercise greatest control over its destiny with the best tools for the job.

Marketing & Branding
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