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Australian Residential Property Investment


 Residential property, when selected correctly, provides a steady and dependable  growth on capital and attractive tax reduction.

Taking cues from European investment ideals and American market savvy, we’re here to connect you with the right knowledge, people and mindset. We advocate for the use of physical assets as the foundation to any smart and well diversified investment portfolio.


Kalor’s partner network covers a range of Property Researchers, Buyers Advocates and finance specialists. We make smart use of our network that is truly tapered to your specific personal requirements. Kalor is proud to collaborate with trusted partners and like-minded entrepreneurs to better serve our clients.

Indeed, several of our cornerstone consulting services are delivered by Australian property investment firm; Property Club. Founded in 1994, Property Club exists for no other reason than to grow wealth with Australian residential property. Property Club operates on an extremely transparent, supportive and investor-centric business model, ensuring you can make informed, mature property investment decisions quickly, smoothly and with all the support you need during the process. Their Circle of Protection is unique in property investment, giving unmatched peace of mind to investors.

Market leading services including property sourcing, property analysis, strategy development, independent loan brokerage and tenant placement are but a few of their industry leading services provided to members. Our aim is to help you build security, create wealth for the future and put in place a legacy for your family.

We specialise in working with expat, overseas and non-resident investors too. Our network ensures you get the right advice, while we connect you with some of the brighter minds in accountancy and investment strategy. Our partners are long-term vision holders, just like us.

We look forward to helping you build your portfolio with physical gold and residential property investment and guide you to creating independence, legacy and wealth for you and your family.

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