About Us

About Us

Kalor Limited provides a unique trilogy of services centred around our consultancy pillars – Property Investment, Marketing & Branding and Lifestyle & Nutrition.

We know and understand that starting with one of our pillars is all you might need. But should you evolve to desire more – we’re here for that too. Depending on your requirements you can pick and choose as it suits you. The point is that you make a decision and follow it. We’re here to lay a foundation, develop and execute strategy for your brand, company or future self.

Kalor’s formula comes from a fundamental understanding that most achievements come from standing on the shoulders of our successful predecessors. Humble yet confident, future scanning with respect to the past, progressive with patience, leaders without arrogance and genuine students of game. We’re active property investment enablers, we have a real love for crafting stories that build brands and we’re our own trainers and nutrition guides. Being out in front is where we’re comfortable. It’s what we strive to do – daily.

We seize opportunity with considered analysis and due diligence, project are approached as works in progress with sights on high yet realistic targets and we move forwards in an experience loaded space. We’ve worked on a global stage building distribution for some amazing brands and people. We’ve seen first hand the results of motivation and calculated risk has on brands and our strategy with them. Always having worked closely with the brand and its people to put something genuinely amazing out in the world. It’s a unique position to come from and one we are truly grateful to be able to share with clients. Your growth is our growth. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next project; lets get things going in the right direction for you and watch something emerge together.

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